Saturday, August 8, 2009

News of the Day

August 8, 2009

Hi friends...

Just wanted to share the good news. Yesterday I went in for treatment. Pictures and measurements were taken. A week ago Friday (when we first began the "miracle" treatment) the measurements of the wound were 6.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Yesterday, the measurements were 5.8 cm x 3.3 cm! The wound is shrinking!! This is critical because the wound is the site where the original tumor began. It is the indicator of whether or not the treatment is working throughout my entire body. There are some other indicators too such as far less pain in my hip. My medical staff is elated.

Well...that's about it. Just wanted to share the good news. Thanks so very much for your prayers. I know with all my heart that they are carrying me through all of this.


Sunday, August 2, 2009


August 2, 2009

Hi all...

Just a quick note to let you all know the latest (if you haven't heard already). Friday morning I went in for treatment without knowing which direction my doctor was choosing to go. I was completely at peace and completely confident of whatever decision he chose to make. When I arrived, it was CLEAR that he had chosen the path of medical history!!! I had to approve it of course (there could be an insurance glitch) but I was 100% positive that this was the right choice. Reed was too. So, I signed the approval and to be honest, I was really excited. My medical team was really excited too...we all believe it's going to work. My nurse wanted my approval to document, with pictures and measurements, the damage that has taken place. She said that they would like to write a paper afterward (assuming it goes in the direction we all believe) and I said "that's OK because I want to write a book! So you can write your paper and I'll write my book!" That's fair right? Anyway, we all laughed.

So this is what this next month look likes for me. I will be having treatment on nearly every Monday and Friday morning for the month of August. Eight treatments in all. So far, I have had very few side effects so I think I should be able to handle it "OK". I've not had any nausea, weird food issues, hair loss, etc. Really the only issue that has hit hard is fatigue making my energy level REALLY low. With my last treatment, I dealt a lot with mental fogginess and nausea. Not this time at all. This makes it so much easier to continue "life as normal" ... with an asterisk. I have to do much of this life from my couch. I must say though that we are being very well taken care. Meals are coming on a regular basis, lots of friends are accompanying me to treatments so that Reed can focus on work, and prayers are constant and VERY much felt.

As for the rest of the family, Cambron moves out in 3 weeks and into the dorms at school so I know that there will be some strong emotions filtering through the house. His presence will really be missed but we are super excited for his new adventure. Oh...his shoulder is healing well too!! He and Ben are still in therapy but both are doing really well. Ben was released and allowed to jog and jump rope but still has to stay out of the ocean. Nothing new to report with Abe, Peter or Eli...WOOHOO!!

I need to organize and prepare for year 14 of homeschooling...deep breath. Luckily, I can do this from the couch. Then there's looks really different for us this year so we get a bit of a break but, fall ball has begun. Reed is doing GREAT. He's super busy and the opportunities look quite promising. We are getting excited for what's going on with him. It's been fun to watch.

That's about all. This isn't the smoothest flowing email but I think you get what I'm trying to say...right?

Until next time which could be a while...many hugs.


PS...duh!!! I didn't give you my treatment dates!!! Here they are...

Monday, August 2 @ 10:15
Friday, August 7 @ 9:45
Monday, August 10 @ 10:00
Friday, August 14 @ 10:15
Friday, August 21 @ 10:45
Monday, August 24 @ 10:15
Friday, August 28 @ 10:00
Monday, August 31 @10:15

I don't know about September.