Saturday, August 8, 2009

News of the Day

August 8, 2009

Hi friends...

Just wanted to share the good news. Yesterday I went in for treatment. Pictures and measurements were taken. A week ago Friday (when we first began the "miracle" treatment) the measurements of the wound were 6.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Yesterday, the measurements were 5.8 cm x 3.3 cm! The wound is shrinking!! This is critical because the wound is the site where the original tumor began. It is the indicator of whether or not the treatment is working throughout my entire body. There are some other indicators too such as far less pain in my hip. My medical staff is elated.

Well...that's about it. Just wanted to share the good news. Thanks so very much for your prayers. I know with all my heart that they are carrying me through all of this.


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