Friday, April 17, 2009


April 17, 2009

Sometimes I wonder why I ever began these updates. Had I realized I would be doing them for years I’m pretty sure I would never have begun. Touché's too late now but today is most definitely one of those days where I wish I didn't have to try and get it all into writing. Sometimes it's just so challenging trying to get the brain to cooperate with the fingers. But these next few weeks are going to be so taxing that I felt it necessary to have prayer coverage and other types of human support. I would love to say that I’m not overwhelmed but now that I’ve had time to really sit in all that’s going on, I’M OVERWHELMED!!

Wednesday, we received the MRI results for Cam and Ben. It was Cam's second MRI and it came back as expected...he still has a tear in his muscle. He doesn't "have to have" surgery but if he doesn't, his shoulder will forever keep slipping out of the socket. So, we think he "needs" the surgery. It's hard to play intramural football and wrestle with your brothers if you're shoulder is slipping out! He will be in a sling for 6 weeks and then physical therapy. Cam's surgery could be delayed a couple of weeks but it would then cause problems with his transition into college so we feel we need to get it dealt with now.

Ben. Oh Ben. Will this kid ever stop damaging his body? In my last email I told you that he fractured his shoulder. reality his damage was far, far more significant. He actually tore his tendons and muscle away from his rotator cuff and has to have immediate and delicate surgery. It is delicate because growth plates are involved and since they are involved, the doctor does not want to perform arthroscopic surgery...he wants to cut him open so he can get a better view of the damage. Our doctor does about 400 surgeries a year and he has NEVER seen this kind of an injury in a 14 year old. Any of you who've had Ben in your house will not be shocked by the news that Ben did something unusual. The doctor told Ben that he was a special boy!! But we knew that already. He will be in a sling for 6 weeks and completely out of commission for 6 months!! Ben has to be virtually still for 6 months...r i g h t. He will then have to go through physical therapy for who knows how long. Sadly, this means that he will not be able to play football this fall. This is a big bummer to me but I am trusting that the LORD has allowed it to happen for a reason (cliché I know but completely true). You see, Ben did everything right when he was skateboarding the day the accident happened (and for my elder friends…this happened the weekend of the retreat!). He was fully padded, even his elbows. Seriously, the kid never hurts himself on the field just on the bike, skateboard, trampoline, scooter, walking, etc. He’s happy though because it gets him out of his piano recital.

Ok, ok enough of that. Onto the next thing. Today, Ben had a pre-op appointment and so did I. It was brutally hard sitting through so much in-your-face reality. Sometimes delayed reality is really nice. For Ben, there is the risk of infection and because he is prone to funky infections, the doc needs to be even more careful than normal. He also has the risk of the growth plates being damaged - causing his shoulder to grow improperly - and problems with the tendons adhering to the bone.

As for me and my procedure, I'm freaking a tad. I will have this weird contraption screwed to my skull...literally...and will be put into a tube so that gamma rays can be shot into my head. Right now we know that I have two tumors in my brain but there is a chance that more will be found the day of the "procedure". This is unsettling but it's better to find them now than for them to go unnoticed. Maybe they will just all be gone when I go in! We can hope. The good news for me is that I was told by the doctor today that there is a 95% chance of these tumors never coming back!

As for Cam, his pre-op appointment isn't for a few weeks.

So, here's our schedule...

Sunday, April 19...our 23rd wedding anniversary
Monday, April 21...6:30 am Angela's procedure (I’m supposed to be out around noon)
Tuesday, April 22...sometime in the morning, Ben's surgery
Wednesday, April 23...Ben's post-op appointment
Wednesday or post-op appointment
Saturday, April 25...Cam's 18th birthday party (this was planned prior to all this other stuff and I'm not about to blow off Cam's 18th birthday)
Monday, April 27...Reed leaves for Hong Kong and several other Asian countries for 12 days.
Thursday, April 30...1:00 pm my next chemo treatment
Tuesday, May 5…Jodie Hillyard’s birthday
Thursday, May 8...Reed comes home
Monday, May 11...Cam's pre-op
Thursday, May 14...Cam's surgery
Monday, May 18...Cam's post-op
June...Cam and Abe graduate

Insanity right?

To be honest, I am nervous and feeling the weight of it all – there are several “little” things that aren’t on the list - but I am confident that the LORD will bring us through this as He has everything else. Ben and Cam are completely at peace and are entertained by the fact that they both have to have surgery on the same shoulder. I am at peace in that we are doing what we are supposed to but will not be sad, at all, if the LORD decides he wants to heal us all miraculously instead of having us go through all these "procedures".

So, this is what I'm asking. Many, many of you have offered help in any way we need. We now need something specific. What we are planning is a time of prayer...for us! Specifically for my procedure and Cam and Ben's surgeries...or maybe we can just pray for miraculous healings!! Anyway, we are going to do this Sunday night, April 19, 8:00 pm at our house (20091 Kline Drive, Santa Ana Heights, 92707) and are opening this up for all who receive this email. This is the only thing that I really feel is going to get us through this craziness so I am choosing to be vulnerable by putting it all on the table. Please don't feel obligated to come, please only come if the Holy Spirit is prompting you. I know He will bring whomever He wants here.

A year ago this weekend, we had a big party for our 22nd anniversary. This year we are going to have a big prayer time for our anniversary! Wonder what next year will be? It needs to begin with a “p”! Picnic? Panning for gold? Potato farming? Playing with Play-doh? Pasta making? The possibilities are endless. We’ll just have to wait and see.

And just so you know that not everything has been icky in our household…Elijah was baptized on Easter Sunday!!! Plus, I finished my “artwork”. I haven’t had time to get a good picture yet so that will come later or maybe you’ll see it this weekend?!

Have a great weekend…maybe we’ll see you Sunday?!


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