Friday, March 26, 2010

Jodie's crazy ride

 This is my very good friend Jodie and we're at my recent birthday party.  She's laughing because I made her wear an apron so she wouldn't get dirty doing her "craft".  Jodie doesn't wear aprons but I do.  And she doesn't do crafts.  It was my party so she wore an apron and she did the craft.  Anyway, Jodie is a amazing wonderful crazy nut...and an incredible friend.  Jodie was a professional surfer for quite a long time.  In the years that have followed, she's been a broadcaster for Fuel TV,  the X Games, and has also done some stunt doubling (the camera likes her).  But what she recently has decided to do absolutely stunned me - and honestly ticked me off - when she first called.  On Sunday, March 28th, she is going to take part in a stand up paddle race but instead of being part of a race team, she is going to be riding solo - which has never been done before by a female - to raise money for breast cancer.  She's doing this in hopes of keeping me encouraged to continue the fight.  The race is almost 40 miles long.  It begins at Catalina Island and ends at Dana Point Harbor.  It will likely take her 9 hours...non-stop on a paddle board...40 miles across the ocean.  There are sharks and other scary things in the ocean!  Ugh.  Even though I was ticked at first (it's pretty dangerous), I have gotten to a point where I am totally humbled by what she is doing.  I will be in the chase boat encouraging Jodie and passing her food but I would love to ask that you please pray for safety and endurance as she completes this crazy ride.

If you want to know's a link you can follow to get her perspective

Thanks so very much.