Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chemo is weird...

Tuesday, March 23...I know I don't need to give the date but it feels more journal like if I do so you're just going to have to deal with it :).  

Chemo...it's a weird thing.  BIG SHOCK!!!  But when you get a teensy tiny break from it you really, really realize how weird it truly is.  Let's just use this week as an example.  For many, many months, I've either had chemo on Monday and Friday or just Monday.  I didn't get the thrill of the I.V. yesterday because of my pending scans on Thursday.  Chemo messes up scans, often giving off false positives.  I've got enough positives on my own so the fewer the better.  For some strange reason, the daily chemo pills that I am also taking don't mess up these scans.  Huh??  Who knows.  It sort of, kind of makes sense though because the pills don't weird me out either.  They just cause all my levels to be totally stripped of all that is good.  Anyway, it's been 8 days since my last I.V. and I'm thrilled to report that the last two days have been insanely productive!!!  Oh my...if you only knew how normal this makes me feel.  I'm not a true type A but I'm pretty close.  I "need" to be productive in order to feel worthy.  God has forced me to recognize that my worth doesn't come from my productivity.  It comes from Him.  However, I am EVER so thankful when He allows me to have days like the last two because it's a bit of the old me that I so miss.

So, here's to hoping the rest of my week is obscenely productive because my "I'm way behind on this" to do list is SO LONG!!


  1. Praying for an obscenely productive day! I am a "productive" type of gal too, so I can so relate.

  2. Okay, so todays prayer should be for insanity and obsenity, shouldn't be a problem from this side!! Here's to a 3rd (and counting) productive day for you. I love you so much!!

  3. Your not a true type A????? Really? However I can totally relate to the joy of crossing off things on the preverbial list. Go GIRL GO!